Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 Spring & Summer Fashion Edgy Fashion

Spring and Summer are my favorite time of the year, when comes to fashion. This is the time to explore daring NEW trends and styles. I love trying edgy looks and taking risks, and that's what's some of my favorite designers did this season. They took some risk, and I'm loving it.

And now they are the leading fashion trend of the season:
Print On Print, Floral, Neon, Color Block and more. What other time of the year can you walk out side with a bathin suit, jean jacket and high knee boots ----NEVA

I love risky designers who take trends and styles to a next level. Here are some of my favorite designers on the runway!!!

xo, thedivadoll

A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Shoes

I'm Addicted to shoes! I have purchased over 1000 pairs of shoes, in my lifetime. I keep over 200 in my collection. Every 3 months I get rid of the ones I don't wear and then buy NEW ones! I give away a least 50 or more every 3 months. Last, month I gave away 60 pairs to a charity!

My favorite style of shoes are stilettos, I just can get enough if them. They come in difference styles, colors, shapes, textures and looks! I love Jessica Simpson's shoes. They are VERY comfortable and VERY stylist. You just can't own one pair of her shoes. And every season she continue to chic up her stylists. When I go shopping I'm only looking for her shoes.

But other designers shoes do catch my attention too. Like, Rachel Roy, Steven Madden, INC, and Betsey Johnson. I have several pairs of other designers shoes too!

Here a glimpse of what I'm loving this spring!