Sunday, July 28, 2013

What I'm Loving this Summer

Summer is finally here and I apologize for being on hiatus. But I'm having a really good time with my honey and my children. We worked so hard thru out this year so now its time to relax and enjoy some quality time along with family and friends. Our favorite hangout spots have been the beach, library and the park!  You Only Live Once♥ (YOLO) 

This time of year I love to feel natural, wheather it is being naked, wigless or bareskin. There is something about wearing no makeup, when the sun hits your face and give a natural sunkiss tan on the skin. I love the feeling of waking up applying bare minimum products to my hair, putting on sheer clothing and going about my day. Summer to me is really looking and feeling naturally effortless because its too hot to coverup or wear a lot of makeup. But there are those days I want to wear makeup and still look natural or naturally glammed up!

My Favorite Beauty items I'm loving this Summer:

Nars Tinted Moisturizer this has defiantly been my go to favorite beauty product for the summer. This product is so awesome on my skin and has great benefits. No need to carry my SPF moisturizer or my sunscreen because it’s included thats the beauty and benefit of wearing this tinted moisturizer. You will love it if you try it♥

Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner will keep your eyes winged out and stay put all day. Plus the best part about this liner is its waterproof. So, for all you ladies who love to look good in water you will love this liner. It will keep your eyes glammed!

MAC RiRi Boy lipstick is my favorite lipstick. I had to get my hands on this lipstisk. The color is like no other. Its not too purple and its not too pink. Its the perfect shade for the summer.

These 3 products will have you looking pretty fierce on any Summer Day!    

My Fashion Must have Items this Summer

Tote Bag, my big tote I cant leave home without wearing this bag. I love to throw everything from the bedroom to the kitchen in my tote bag. It doesnt matter if I'm going to the beach, the library or the park. Its coming with me!

Glam Shades My glam shades are under statement if I dont wear them everyday.

Maxi Dress I have them in all color and array of styles. They feel so easy and breeze and easy to wear with sandles or wedges.

These items are my must have for the Summer if I'm going to the beach, library or the park. I cant leave home without them♥

Tell me what beauty and fashion items you are loving this Summer?