Friday, November 16, 2012

My 1st time visit to Ulta

I never heard of Ulta of until I enter the world of Instagram. All of my IG beauty doll who live on East coast raved about Ulta. So I googled Ulta in my area and finally I made an appearance in the store.
I was amazed! I felt like a kid in a candy store, pickup all kind products I probably would never use or already had in my collection. But I couldn't leave the store empty handed. So I decide to purchase a beauty purses and do my first giveaway since this was the first time visiting the store.
The Beauty Purse was too cute to pass up and I had to give one away to another beauty doll.

Ulta's Exclusive Holiday Collection
77pcs Day & Night ($200 value) 19.99
54 eyeshadows
9 lipcolors
6 cheek colors
2 lipsticks
2 liners

This could be yours, if you enter my contest on my Instagram page: thedivadoll


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Holiday Beauty Book! Tarte Holiday Collection

This is my very first Tarte product, and it was totally worth every dollar. I fell in love with the great colors, the velvet texture eyeshadows and overall the quality of this collection. I love how this is a traveling set and I can take it on the go, anywhere!

This Tarte Carried Away Collection ($54.00) is a Sephora-exclusive Holiday set that contains:
one blush (0.05 oz.),
one finishing powder (0.07 oz.),
one mascara (0.16 oz.),
one face brush,
eight lipglosses (0.059),
twenty-four eyeshadows (0.06 oz.)

Hopefully you can find this fabulous collection!

Happy Holiday


Monday, November 5, 2012

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

It's officially Election time! This year my husband and I decided to take this election serious, by registering to vote by mail. We didn't feel rush to get to the polls, we didn't have to take time off of work, we didn't feel rush out the voting poll, we didn't just vote for anyone or anything.We took our time researching each propositions pro and cons and made a wise decision base upon our believes.

It defiantly felt good voting from the comfort of our home without any stress! I suggest anyone who lives a busy lifestyle with working and raising a family to register next election term from home. This year's deadline has ended.

This process was very fast and easy.
Our voter booklets was send to us and the option to Vote by Mail instructions was on the back. We registered online and within a week out Official Ballots were in our hands! And we couldn't wait to Sign, Seal & Deliver our Official Ballot for 2012 Presidential Election!

This election is so critical, I advise you to do whatever you can to make sure your vote counts!

!Happy Election Day!