Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Welcome Diva Dolls,
To the Ultimate Diva’s Guide to Beauty and Fashion:
This guide will keep you up on Seasonal Beauty & Fashion Trends, Must Have Items, Look of the Week, Stylist Notes, and will provide guidelines on how to keep your Diva status. I hope you enjoy this guideline on everything you need to know about Beauty and Fashion.  The Diva Doll
She is ...Divinely sent from above to explore all life treasures Innovative thru life’s journey Vital acknowledging who she has become Ambition (aiming) her way to the success  Determined to find her own destiny Original she can’t be duplicated because there is no one like her Loyal she is devoted and trustworthy Loving others as she loves herself.

You are A Diva Doll and it is time to explore the inner Diva in you!


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