Saturday, April 14, 2012

!My 30th Birthday!

My 30th Birthday was amazing. I’m so blessed to see another decade!!! Here are photos from my birthday weekend. My hunny took me and my family to Hana Japan, Berkeley California. (Thai Cuisine) Before we got to the restaurant I kept hearing a unusual phone ringing, I ask him what was going on he could not hide my birthday gift. The phone that was ringing was my NEW I-Phone4. I was so surprised and very happy!  On the other end of the phone was my girl Monique, from Atlanta. She was calling to wish me a “Happy Birthday”, I love and miss her dearly!

 The food was delicious and I ate for free because it was my birthday. They serve 2 entrees and then the main course.  I had a salad, soup and for my main course fried rice, grilled chicken and shrimps. Yummy delicious!  For dessert and because it was my birthday, they brought a huge candle shape like a volcano and some yummy delicious pineapples.  The night ended so delicious with my family and a beautiful cake.

The party didn’t stop there, it continued that weekend! I had a party at an upscale clubs in the bay area and it was EPIC!!! All my fabulous friends came and celebrate with me. They brought me some great gifts, we popped bottles, and party the night away! The DJ gave me birthday shout outs the entire night and he told everyone it was my 21st birthday… ha ha ha 30 looks good on me!


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