Sunday, December 1, 2013

What's your Fall Obsession..

Sweaters and more Sweaters...

In my city it does not get that cold, but this season its been super cold. So I decide to just go out and buy some more cute jackets. When I went shopping cute sweaters were everywhere and I could not resist buying a least one. Well if you know me I can not just buy 1, I need a least 3... plus H&M had sweaters buy 1 get one for FREE... Yes, so I purchased 4 cute sweaters and they are NOT your grandma sweaters. They are very cute, stylish, and they come in graphic prints.

H&M $14.95

H&M $14.95

 She's Inside $22.97

Just Fab "Handbags" ...
You probably know Just Fab for their cute shoes but NO NO NO... they have the hottest, cute, trendy bags... I cant say no more just check out their site for yourself!!!! These bags have a great quality for the price. I was very surprise with the bags I've ordered and they are now sold out. But their is a waiting available!

Rowling  $39.95  SOLDOUT

Parisian  $39.95  SOLDOUT
waiting list available 

Tastemaker  $39.95  SOLDOUT
waiting list available 

Combat Boots...
The Winter is here and no more toes out for another 6 months. I went shopping for my fall/winter essential and fell in love with combats boots. I even brought my baby girls some. I was quite surprise they liked them. They are very girly and everything must be PINK. I purchased them in August and now they are nowhere to be found. So Good Luck if you are looking for some cute combat boots.  Here are some I’m rocking this winter with everything...

Leggings for Days ....
Leggings are my staple item to wear. They are so comfortable, cute, and convenient. I just cannot help but to wear them every day. Last week I went shopping and brought 7 pairs of leggings, for everyday of the week. They come in an array of colors, styles and prints. Here some I’m obsessed with…

Plum Lips...
 Plums lips are so perfect for Fall/Winter…. Here are some I’m so loving!!!

MAC “Talk that Talk”   SOLDOUT  

MAC “Diva”
Wet N Wild “Sugar Plum Fairy 

NARS “Fast Ride”

What's your Fall Obsession?

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