Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fashion Magazines Keep me Motivated!

I'm a full-time mommy, wife, freelance fashion stylist & makeup artist and sometimes its very easy for me to get side track or lose sight of my fashion sense. But with the help of monthly fashion magazine, I won't ever lose hope of my fashion sense or style.

Every month I run to my mailbox looking for my favorite monthly issues; Vogue "the fashion bible", Elle, Bazzar, People Style, Glamour, Lucky &InStyle.
Each of these magazines bring a different perspective and each season they all report the Season Hottest trends.

Vogue, Elle, Bazzar are my favorite high favorite magazines.
Vogue is urbane, sophisticated, feature the high-end and most avant-garde designers and take a lot of risks.
Bazaar is bold, edgy, and arty in their photography, fashions, and style.
Elle-incorporates cultural and design influences from all over the world, including Africa, India, and features the work of more cutting-edge and avant-garde designers.

I love People Style, Lucky & InStyle
Glamour magazines as well. They focus more on beauty with a glimpse of fashion.

Glamour takes beauty and fashion trends from the runway and translate them for working women. The fashions it features are more practical and less expensive than the fashions in high-end magazines. Glamour is also great for learning how to take care of your skin, hair, and body,and how to apply makeup.

Fall issues are very crucial, they show the hottest trends, styles and silhouette for the season. Also fall trends and styles set the tone for the entire year!

I love reading cover to cover!

Check your newsstands for Fall Fashion Magazines!


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